I got a very interesting question today from a developer. What is the size of a tuple in a table. Well you kinda pause for a while and think ummm I thought I knew this one. Well postgresql has a contrib module that can help you out with this. Lets take a look at pgstattuple, this contrib module will give you information like table length, number of live tuples in a table, total length of live tuples, number of dead tuples, free space in a table and much more.

All this information is extremely helpful when you want to check the stats on a specific table. Lets go ahead and get this conrib module started in our current database:

Assuming you have source install for postgresql available

$ cd postgresql-8.4.9/contrib/pgstattuple
$ make
$ make install

Now we need to the pgstattuple functions to be available in the database we are trying to check the tuples on. For that run the sql:

$ psql dbname -f pgstattuple.sql

That’s it we are all set to check the tuples. Connect to your database and call the function as:

test=# SELECT * FROM pgstattuple('test.account_services');
-[ RECORD 1 ]------+---------
table_len          | 50683904
tuple_count        | 597431
tuple_len          | 47914138
tuple_percent      | 94.54
dead_tuple_count   | 0
dead_tuple_len     | 0
dead_tuple_percent | 0
free_space         | 207320
free_percent       | 0.41

I got the approximate/average length of a tuple by tuple_len/tuple_count (not the smartest way to get that info but oh well it worked for me)

You can also use pgstatindex to get information on the indexes.

hdap=# SELECT * FROM pgstatindex('pg_cast_oid_index');
-[ RECORD 1 ]------+------
version            | 2
tree_level         | 0
index_size         | 8192
root_block_no      | 1
internal_pages     | 0
leaf_pages         | 1
empty_pages        | 0
deleted_pages      | 0
avg_leaf_density   | 37.54
leaf_fragmentation | 0


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